The AMP-5001-LB Series is a 19-inch rack mount EDFA in the L-band. Combined with the AMP-FL501x-CB series C-band EDFA, it enables the expansion of transmission bandwidth beyond the C-band (see figure below). This L-band amplifier offers a high output power and flat signal gain over a wide range covering 1560-1610nm, enabling highly reliable WDM/DWDM transmission in the L-band. The optional SNMP function allows remote operation, monitoring, and integrated management via Ethernet.


Figure: Bandwidth expansion of WDM system using L-band EDFA

■ Features

Signal wavelength 1560~1610nm
Output power up to +22dBm
Signal gain up to 35dB
Alarm and interlock functions
Competitive price

■ Applications

Booster and In-line Amplifier
Metro & long haul networks
Test & measurement
Scientific applications

What is optical amplfier ?

L-band optical fiber amplifer
EDFA (Erbium doped fiber amplifier)

■ Typical characteristics

■ Standard Specifications

AMP-FL5001-LB-22 AMP-FL5001-LB-19 AMP-FL5001-LB-16 AMP-FL5001-LB-13
Applications Booster, in-line, and pre amplifier
Signal Wavelength Range 1560 – 1610nm
Maximum Output Power >+22dBm *1
( >160mW)
>+19dBm *1
( >80mW)
>+16dBm *1
( >40mW)
>+13dBm *1
( >20mW)
Gain >35dB *2 >35dB *2 >25dB *2 >25dB *2
Noise Figure <6dB *2
Amplifier control ACC / ALC
Monitor Input signal power / Output signal power / Pump LD temperature / Chasis temperature
Alarm Input signal power / Output signal power / Pump LD current / Pump LD temperature /
Case temperature / Power-supply-unit voltage / Fan rotation
Input & Output Fibers Standard SMF (G.652)
Optical Connectors SC/PC
Operation Temperature 0 ~ 40 °C
Storage Temperature -10 ~ 60 °C
Size 1U: 44(H) x 440(W) x 403(D) (mm)*3
Power Consumption < 40 W <20 W


Power supply AC 100 ~ 240V (50/60Hz) : Duplicated & Hotswap

*1 Input Power: >0dBm@1580nm
*2 Input Power: -30dBm@1580nm
*3 Not including potrusions

■ Options, other inquiries:
Please feel free to contact FiberLabs sales engineers.

  • The specifications are subject to change.
  • All functions, characteristics and exterior design can be optimized according to customer requirements, and please feel free to contact FiberLabs sales engineers.