FiberLabs Inc


Fluoride Fiber Fabrication

FiberLabs own our in-house fluoride-fiber fabrication facility, from precursor purification and glass manufacturing to fiber draw. It enables us to provide various kind of fluoride fibers depending on application and customer requirements.

Fluoride glass production.

Fiber draw.

Fiber characterization.

Optical Characterization and Instrumentation

FiberLabs own a wide range of optical characterzation and instrumentation facilities. They are used for our manufacturer business, distributor business (local customer support), as well as internal R&D projects.

Light source
  • ASE and SLD sources covering NIR and telecom wavelengths
  • Fixed-wavelength and tunable LDs from the O- to L-band
  • Supercontinuum source covering from 400nm to 2400nm
  • Fiber amplifiers covering from 850nm to 1610nm
Light characterization
  • Two YOKOGAWA/ANDO OSAs covering from 350nm to 1750nm
  • More-than five YOKOGAWA/ANDO OSAs covering from 600nm to 1750nm
  • Mid-IR spectrometer
  • Various power meters and detectors
Fiber Splicer
  • More-than-ten Fujikura fiber splicers (including PM version)
  • Vytran specialty fiber splicer

Test instruments.

Product testing.

Fiber splicing and assembling.

Telecom Test Bed

We own a versatile test bed for internal R&D as well as customer consultation. The test bed comprises following equipment, enabling us to conduct transmission experiment, or emulate customer’s testing setup to study applicability of our products, prior to actual purchase decision.

  • Fiber amplifiers covering from the O-band to L-band
  • Pluggable transcievers and BER checker
  • G.652 fiber spools (>100 km) for transmission experiment
  • Tunable and fixed-wavelength lasers
  • Optical components to emulate various schemes
  • Optical TAP
  • Multi-channel VOA
  • And many more…

Fiber laser lab.

Ultrafast laser characterization.