FiberLabs Inc


Brief Summary

Founded in 2000, FiberLabs supplies specialty fiber amplifiers, fluoride fibers, and various fiber-based optical instruments for both industry and academic customers worldwide.

Our business started from our fluoride fiber technology. Fluoride fiber, compared to silica fiber, provides better emission properties; this exotic feature has enabled us to produce various types of original optical instruments, for example, C+L-band broadband light sources, O-band fiber amplifiers, and S-band fiber amplifiers, etc. These instruments are used in optical communication in R&D labs, mass-production facilities, and in telecom networks around the world.

Through our 20-year-long business activities, we have expanded our product line-up out of the fluoride-fiber-based instruments. We now supply various fiber-coupled light sources taking advantage of our optical instrumentation capabilities.

We continue to further enhance our capabilities to supply our products to new market segments.

Major Milestones


  • KDD Fiberlab founded as a spin-off from KDD Laboratories (now KDDI Research) via the internal venture promotion program.
  • Started sales of C+L-band ASE sources and fluoride fibers.


  • Commercialization of S-band fiber amplifiers.
  • Participation in regional R&D program “Development of fiber-based devices for wavelength-division multiplexing.”


  • Capital expansion. Company name changed to “FiberLabs Incorporated” as a result of capital expansion.
  • Participation in Ministry of Education Innovative R&D program “High-functionality fiber grating: R&D of manufacturing technique and applications.”


  • Accredited by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Business Enhancement Act.
  • Commercialization of O-band amplifier and CWDM amplifier.


  • Grant-in-aid from Saitama prefecture: “R&D on O/S/C/L-band fiber amplifier for oustide plant.”/li>


  • Grant-in-aid for Small-Medium Enterprize: “R&D on mupliple-point remote temperature monitoring system utilizing optical fiber.”


  • Selected as “Excellent companies with advanced technology” by Saitama International Business Support Center.


  • Acquisision of AlF3 fiber business from HOYA.


  • Participation in JST SENTAN project: “Ultra wide band coherent IR spectroscopy.”