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O-band optical fiber amplifier (PDFA) for 100G/400G Ethernet

AMP-FL56xx series O-band fiber amplifiers are ideal for amplification of 100GBASE-LR4 wavelengths. Read more…

O-band tunable filter for T&M

Being continuously tunable from 1260 to 1340 nm, WLTF-FL-O is ideal for automated testing of the 100GBASE-LR4, 400GBASE-LR8, and 100GBASE-CWDM4 devices. Read more…

ZBLAN fiber & cables

Standard and custom fibers are available in various configurations (passive single-clad, doped double-clad, etc…). Also available in preform and bulk-glass form.

Our fibers have been used for many research projects worldwide, see here.

Customized optical solutions

Various customized optical instruments:

  • LR4/LR8 light sources
  • CWDM/ITU-grid DFB-LDs
  • Multi-channel amplifiers
  • X/S/C/L-band tunable filter
  • X/O/S/C/L-band tunable laser
  • and more

Feel free to contact us via request sheet, you will be assisted by our experienced technical sales members. Please also see some examples.

Full product lineup

Optical Fiber Amplifier Series / What is optical amplfier, PDFA, TDFA, EDFA?
Bench-top type amplifiers
benchTopAmp O band (1.31µm) PDFA
S band(1.49µm) TDFA
C band(1.55µm) EDFA
C band High Power EDFA
L band(1.58µm) EDFA
L band High Power EDFA
C+L band EDFA
850nm band fiber amplifier
980nm band fiber amplifier
X band (1µm) fiber amplifier
Rack mount type amplifiers / What is WDM ?
1u-o-amp_new3 O-band (1.3um) PDFA
S-band (1.49um) TDFA
C-band (1.55um) EDFA
L-band (1.58um) EDFA

For CWDM transmission
8WL Uni-directional booster/inline amplifier
4WL Uni-directional booster/inline amplifier
4x4WL Bi-directional booster amplifier
4x4WL Bi-directional inline amplifier

Module type amplifiers
amp-gb9013-2 O band (1.31um) PDFA
S band (1.48um) TDFA
C band (1.55um) EDFA
L band (1.58um) EDFA
Amplifier related product
wbtf-cwdm-1 Wavelength-tunable filter with attenuator and power monitor
O-band wavelength-tunable & bandwidth-adjustable filter
ASE Light Source Series / What is ASE light source ?
Bench-top type ASE light source
benchTopASE 550nm band
850nm band
X (1um) band
1900nm band
2000nm band
Module type ASE light source
ASE-Md-S X (1um) band
Fiber output-SLD LightSource Series / What is SLD light source?
SLD light source
double 830nm band
970nm band
1050nm band
1275nm band
1310nm band
1350nm band
1400nm band
1430nm band
1550nm band
1620nm band
1650nm band
1050-1140nm band
1520-1670nm band
1260-1620nm band
1250-1750nm band
Fiber output-LD Light Source Series / What is semiconductor laser ?
double2 DFB LD
FBG-stabilized LD
Fiber output-LED Light Source Series / What is LED ?
triple 455nm band(Royal Blue)
470nm band(Blue)
505nm band(Cyan)
530nm band(Green)
625nm band(Red)
420-650nm band(White)
Fluoride Fibers & Cables / What is optical fiber? , What is fluoride fiber?
ZBLAN fluoride glass fibers & cables
double3 Non-doped SMFF (Single Mode Fluoride Fiber)
Non-doped MMFF (Multi Mode Fluoride Fiber)
Rare-earth-doped SMFF (Single Mode Fluoride Fiber)
Rare-earth-doped DCFF (Double Cladding Fluoride Fiber)
Cable & Bundle
ZBLAN fibers in Stock
AlF3-based fluoride glass fibers
double4 MMFF (Multi Mode Fluoride Fiber)
AlF3 fibers in Stock
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