FiberLabs Inc


Our business comprises the following three sectors:

  • Manufacturing Business (Worldwide)
  • Distributor Business (Japan domestic)
  • System Provider Business (Worldwide)

Manufacturing Business (Worldwide)

FiberLabs’ business started from manufacturing. The company was founded in 2000 by a group of KDD (now KDDI) researchers as a spin-off, with a mission to commercialize fluoride-fiber-based optical instruments. FiberLabs owns fluoride-fiber manufacturing and optical instrumentation facilities – both inherited from KDD Labs – and we have constantly grown them. Our manufacturing business has been the largest sector for FiberLabs.

Our fluoride fiber manufacturing business has been the source of our main competance in the photonics industry. FiberLabs’ fluoride fibers have been sold to many universities, research institute, and industry customers, and are mainly used for applications in the mid-IR.

Fluoride fiber (bare fiber).

Fluoride fiber cable.

Fluoride bulk glass block.

Our fluoride-fiber technology and customization experience make our optical instruments very unique – they are used in R&D labs, manufacturing lines, telecom networks, and now intensively used in data centers worldwide.

Bench-top instrument.

19-inch rack-mountable instrument.

OEM module.

Distributor Business (Japan domestic)

Our distributor business is now the second largest sector, though it initially started as a complement to the manufacturing business. The first step was a distribution of opical components that were imported for our own manufacturing purpose.

We eventually realized that our expertise – gained from R&D, manufacturing, and trading – is a very good asset for distributor business as well. We have expanded our distributor business levereging the following three strengths:

  • Customer consultation ability based on deep technical knowledge (Four PhDs in photonics)
  • Various optical instuments allowing local customer support
  • Worldwide partner network
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System Provider Business (Worldwide)

The third business is a combination of the above two sectors, together with our R&D capability. The deliverable is typically a set of optical instruments sourced from several different manufacturers (including FiberLabs). In some cases the deliverable is a report of proof-of-concept demonstration in our facilities, such that the customer can construct their system by themselves based on the report.