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Polarization Maintaining O-band PDFA demo unit available

Last updated on 03/3/2024


We announce a polarization-maintaining O-band Praseodymium-doped fiber amplifier is available as demo unit. It offers great optical performance such as, broad gain bandwidth, high gain, low noise figure and high polarization extinction ratio. Both Automatic Current Control (ACC) and Automatic Light Control (ALC) modes are available to amplifier control. Please note that only one polarization axis (fast axis) is allow to propagate the signal line. And the high-power narrow-linewidth of signal might hinder the stable operation. In the case of use a Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser (sub-MHz linewidth) as the signal light, less than 2 dBm might be better to avoid output power fluctuations.


Figure 1: Gain/noise figure vs. wavelength (FL8613-OB-18)


Figure 2: Gain/NF/output power vs. input power @1310 nm (FL8613-OB-18)


  • Output power : >18 dBm (@1310nm 0dBm input)
  • Gain : >30 dB (@1310nm -30dBm input)
  • Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER) : >20 dB
  • Working axis : Fast axis (Slow axis blocked)
  • Amplifier control : ACC/ALC
  • Input/Output Fiber : PM1310
  • Size : 88(H)x260(W)x350(D)mm (not including protrusions)
  • Power consumption : <40 W
  • Weight : <7 kg


  • DWDM Networks
  • Optic Components Testing
  • Research and Developmtnt
  • Medical