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805-nm single-mode ASE light source

Last updated on 07/22/2022

Demo Unit Now Available

A demo unit of FiberLabs’ novel 805-nm single-mode ASE light source is now available for customer evaluation. This ASE source provides low-coherence 10-mW continuous-wave output from a single-mode fiber. Both ACC (Auto Current Control) and APC (Auto Power Control) operation is available to produce stable output power.

This ASE source has not been officially launched yet, and the final specifications are to be determined through interactions with potential customers. Actual customer feedback is critical for us, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested in testing this light source!

Figure 1: 805-nm ASE light source (dimension 88 x 440 x 350)

Output power and spectrum

Output power and spectrum of the demo unit are shown in Fig.2 and Fig.3. We operated the unit in ACC mode for more than 50 hours, and the output power stability was less than ± 5% after one-hour warm-up time. We repeated the 50-hour continuous operation and did not observe any sign of power degradation.

Figure 2: Temporal variation of output power at 805 nm.

Figure 3: Output spectrum of 800-nm ASE light source.


Next Milestone

This demonstration is part of our project on developing high power single-mode fiber amplifier platform at around 810 nm. We aim to produce more than one watt out of this platform, which is expected to be used in a range of applications such as biomedical and quantum science.