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Qingdao Zimao Laser Technology

Qingdao Free Trade Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Qingdao Free Trade Port Area, China. Our company is a national high-tech enterprise having a 4000 square meters ultra-clean laboratory and workshop. The company wholly-owned the company Qingdao Xingcheng Laser Technology Co.Ltd which is specialized in the laser marking machines, laser welding machines, PCB/FPCB laser cutting machines, ultra-fast laser brittle material cutting machines, laser cleaning machines, etcQingdao Free Trade Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the research and production of femtosecond fiber lasers, high-power ultrafast laser fibers, core optoelectronic components and ultrafast laser application equipment, providing customers with comprehensive solutions and technical support. The company's products are widely used in precision manufacturing, basic scientific research, biomedicine, national defense and military industry, aerospace and other fields.Our 50W femtosecond laser has been successfully exported to the world Optical Center"--University of Rochester, USA, used in high-intensity ultrafast laser scientific research. A series of products developed based on core technology, femtosecond laser thin film solar cell precision processing equipment, ultrafast laser cleaning machine, femtosecond laser beauty instrument, ultrafast laser spline precision processing equipment, femtosecond laser probe, femtosecond laser rangefinders are also quite competitive in the market.