Bobbin3 One of the features of ZBLAN fluoride fibers is the highly efficient light emission from various rare-earth (RE) dopants such as Tm, Pr, and Er. FiberLabs’ RE-doped single-mode ZBLAN fibers are used in core-pumped optical amplifiers, ASE light sources, and fiber lasers as a gain medium.

What is fluoride fiber ?



■ Rare-earth-doped ZBLAN fibers in Stock
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■ Custom made rare-earth-doped ZBLAN fiber
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* The maximum dopant concentration may be lower depending on rare-earth elements.

RE doped Single Mode Fiber
 Fiber type
Step index type single mode fiber
Pr, Nd, Ho, Er, Dy, Tm, Yb, others
 Dopant concentration (ppm mol)
500 ~ 50000
 Numerical aparture
0.16, 0.21, 0.26
 Cut-off wavelength(µm)
 Core diameter(µm)
2 ~ 12
 Cladding diameter(µm)
 Coating diameter(µm)
 Core/Cladding glass
ZBLAN fluoride glass
 Coating material
UV curable acrylate
 Proof test
1.25cm radius
$10,000 ~ $20,000/lot

■ Background Loss & Emission Wavelength