Bobbin3 RE-doped Double-Cladding Fibers are the best fibers for fabrication of high-power fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers, because they can be excited by the high power multi-mode LD. Since ZBLAN fibers have unique emission bands like 1.3 μm-, 1.46 μm- and 2.8 μm-band, developments of new equipments utilizing these emission bands are possible. Especially, 2.9 μm band fiber lasers using Er-doped DCF is studied actively around the world.The octagonal shape DCFF developed by our original fiber manufacturing technology is easy to handle and offers excellent excitation efficiency.
What is fluoride fiber ?


■ DCFF configurations

■ Parameters for Custom DCFF

Item RE doped Double Cladding Fiber
 Fiber Type
Double cladding fluoride fiber
Pr, Nd, Ho, Er,Dy, Tm, Yb, others
 Dopant concentration (ppm mol)
 Cladding shape
 Core NA
0.16, 0.21, 0.26
 Cladding NA
 Cut-off Wavelength(µm)
 Core Diameter(µm)
 Cladding size(µm)
Circular:123/200/500 (diameter)
Octagonal: 123/200/500 (diagonal length)
Rectangular: 123/200/500 (diagonal length)
 Coating Diameter(µm)
460, 480, 600
 2nd cladding thickness (µm)
 2nd cladding material
 Coating Material
UV curable acrylate
 Proof Test
1.25cm, 2cm, 6cm Radius
$10,000 ~ $25,000/lot

■ Background Loss & Emission Wavelength
By selecting rare earth elements and excitation wavelengths, light emissions of various wavelengths are obtained.
While the core has low loss in the region of long wavelengths, propagation light in the first clad causes greater loss at 1.7 μm and longer wavelengths due to absorption of the fluorine-based UV resin used for the second clad.
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