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Corporate profile

Corporate Name FiberLabs Incorporated
President Masayoshi Horita
Address KDDI Research building, 2-1-15 Ohara, Fujimino-shi, Saitama,
356-8502 Japan
(12-minute walk from Kamifukuoka Station (East Exit), Tobu-Tojo Line)
Phone: +81-49-278-7829, Fax: +81-49-263-9328
E-mail: info@fiberlabs.co.jp

URL(Web.) https://www.fiberlabs.com/wp (English)
Founded January 7, 2000
(Spin off from KDD R&D Labs. (now KDDI Research) through an internal venture promotion system)
Business Fields Research, development, manufacturing and marketing of optical fibers, optical fiber communication
equipment and opto-electronics equipment.


History and products

Founded in 2000, FiberLabs Inc. has been supplying a wide range of optical instruments for optical fiber communication, optical sensing, bio-medical optics, imaging, and so on.

Our business started from our fluoride fiber technology. Fluoride fiber, compared to silica fiber, provides better emission properties; this exotic feature has enabled us to produce various types of original optical instruments, for example, C+L-band broadband light sources, O-band fiber amplifiers, and S-band fiber amplifiers, etc. These instruments are used in optical communication in R&D labs, mass-production facilities, and in telecom networks around the world.

Apart from our internal product development, we have been supplying fluoride fibers – both standard and custom made – for many external projects. Fluoride fibers are transparent up to the MIR and our fluoride fibers are used as a laser guiding medium in medical applications, such as laser dentistry.

Fiber laser is a compact and highly robust light source and has been rapidly increasing its presence in the market. We develop fiber lasers with our collaborators, to find another application area where unique features of fluoride fibers will shine.

Through our 15-year-long business activities, we have expanded our product line-up out of the fluoride-fiber-based instruments. We now supply various fiber-coupled light sources taking advantage of our optical instrumentation capabilities.

We continue to further enhance our capabilities to supply our products to new market segments.

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