a The AlF3-based fibers are multi-component fluoride glass fibers with main component of AlF3. They are superior for laser damage thresholds and water resistance compared to ZBLAN fluoride fibers and have smaller transmission loss than that of GeO2 fibers at 2.9μm. They have already been used around the worlds as optical guides for 2.94 μm Er-YAG laser treatment equipments. In addition, they are also used as an optical guide for mid-infrared spectroscopy because of the wide transparent window from 0.3 to 3.5 μm.


AlF3-based Fluoride Glass Fiber
Highest Laser Damage Thresholds
High Power Handling
Optical Transmission in UV,VIS,NIR,MIR
SUS-tube Protection Cable


MIR Laser Delivery (Er:YAG, Er:YSGG)
Medical/Dental Treatments
MIR Spectroscopy


■ Specifications

Items AMF-440/480 AMF-200/240
 Fiber Type Step Index Type Multimode Fiber
 Core Diameter [µm] 440+/-20 200+/-10
 Cladding Diameter [µm] 480+/-10 240+/-10
 Coating Diameter [µm] 600±30 450±30
 Numerical Aperture 0.22+/-0.02
 Loss @l=2.94 µm [dB/m] < 0.1
 Core/Cladding Glass Material AlF3-based Fluoride Glass
 Coating Material UV-curable Acrylate
 Proof Test 6cm Radius 3cm Radius

Glass properties

Transmission range 0.35 ~ 3.5µm
Refractive index (nd) 1.46
Glass transition temperature (Tg) 367 ºC
Thermal expansion (a) 186×10-7 /ºC
Water solubility (Dw) 0.27 wt%
Acid solubility (Da) 0.69 wt%*
Density 3.97 g/cm3
Young’s modulus (E) 66 GPa
Knoop hardness (HK) 3.1 GPa

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