The AMP-FL5711-I4S & AMP-FL5711-I4L are specially designed inline amplifiers to extend a reach of bi-directional CWDM signal transmission systems over a single dark fiber. The AMP-FL5711-B4S amplify transmitting signals of 1471, 1491, 1511 and 1531 nm, and pass through recieving signals of 1551, 1571, 1591 and 1611nm with low insertion loss. The AMP-FL5711-I4S & AMP-FL5711-I4L work at the oppsite site. Combination of these inline amplifiers with any CWDM transmitter surely extends transmission distance regardless of signal format and data rate.


Bi-idirectional transmission

4×4 CWDM signal wave lengths
Inline optical amplifiers
Cost effective
Alarm functions

CWDM networks
What is WDM ?
What is optical amplfier ?

■ Standard Specifications

Item AMP-FL5711-I4S AMP-FL5711-I4L
Amplifier type Inline Amplifier
Transmitting signal Wavelength 1471,1491,1511,1531 nm 1551, 1571, 1591,1611 nm
Optimal input power -20 ~ -16dBm/ch
Output power > 0dBm/ch *1
Gain > 20dB/ch *2,  > 17dB/ch *3
Receiving signal Wavelength 1551, 1571, 1591,1611 nm 1471,1491,1511,1531 nm
Insertion loss < 1.5 dB (Typical: 1 dB) @Center WL +/-6.5nm
Monitor Input signal power / Output signal power / Pump LD temperature / Case temperature
Alarm  Input signal power / Output signal power / Pump LD current / Pump LD temperature / Case temperature / Power-supply-unit voltage / Fan rotation
Remote Interface
Relay terminal for alarm
RS232C (Non-Interactive commandline control)
Amplifier control ACC / ALC
Function for Safety Loss of input power Interlock
Input/Output fibers SMF
Optical Connectors SC/PC
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40 ºC
Storage Temperature -10 ~ 60 ºC
Size *4 1U: 43(H) x 440(W) x 403(D) (mm)
Power Consumption < 40 W
Weight 7 Kg
Power supply AC100 ~ 240 V (50/60 Hz) : Duplicated & Hotswap

*1: Center WL(xxx1nm), -18dBm/ch input
*2: Center WL +5/-0nm, -20~-16dBm/ch input
*3: Center WL +/-6.5nm, -20~-16dBm/ch input
*4: Not Including Protrusions

■ Options, other inquiries:
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  • The specifications are subject to change.
  • All functions, characteristics and exterior design can be optimized according to customer requirements, and please feel free to contact FiberLabs sales engineers.